Monday, November 1, 2010

Exploring into Wi-Fi networks

When it comes to wifi networks, they have really changed the way that our world works and how we look at technology. Most people use thee networks for communicational purposes, as they offer very reliable, fast and easy data transfer with no wires. In the world, there are basically millions of such networks available and this is because people have been fed up with using cables that are very annoying and they will get tangled and also occupy space if you have a big network. If we are to compare the way wireless networks are today with the way they were a few years back, then the differences that we will see would be mind blowing. They use the IEEE 802.11 standard.
There is also a flaw that people who will get such a network should be aware of and that flaw is the fact that they can be easily accessed by someone else, if they are not password protected. After you will get to enter a password to protect your network, you will never have to worry about anyone accessing it.


Setting up wifi hotspots is pretty easy and there are a few components that are needed for this. They number the wireless router, the network card and of course, the modem, which will have the router connected to it through a cable. The range of these networks is usually around 60 meters. So this means that it will not matter in what room you will be, for you will still get to have access to your network.  Keep in mind that if you are also using other devices that work through a wireless mode, you will have your range cut into half and reaching around 30 meters of covered area.

But if you want to fix this and have an improved coverage area, then you will be able to do this by getting a signal booster. Using it, you will instantly enlarge the coverage area and also the performance of your network. Keep in mind also that when you have an opened network, it means that everyone will be able to access it, whereas if you have a closed one, it means that the people wanting to connect to it will have to use a password.

There are a lot of wireless connections everywhere you look, starting from your mobile phone’s Bluetooth technology to other high speed wireless transfer devices. If you want to have your wi fi network protected, then disabling the printer and file sharing is going to do the trick.

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